Workshop Info/Prices

Quick, friendly service.

Basically I work to time. Smaller and quicker the job, cheaper the job. Also, it is quite common for people to think their bike needs a full service whereas in reality it needs a lot less work – great for them as it takes less time so works out cheaper. 🙂

As such, below is purely a guide;

Workshop pricing –

Repairs – from £5 (Tube change, cassette change, pedal swap and similar quick jobs)

Safety check/minor service – from £20
General check for safety, minor adjustments to gears/brakes. If parts need replacing a standard service is required.

Standard service – from £35
Gears, brakes, bearings, wheels adjusted, parts replaced (at cost) as needed

Full service -from £55
Full strip-down and rebuild, parts replaced (at cost) as needed

Torque check – £7
Check to make sure all bolts are torqued correctly – piece of mind!

Fork service – from £25
Cleaning, lowers, replacing seals, changing etc. Depends on what needs doing!
F&R cable brakes service – from £15

F&R hydraulic brake service – from £17

F&R gear service – from £15

Chain fitting – £5

Chainset fitting from – £7

Cassette fitting – £5

Tube fitted – £5

Wheel truing – From £7

Prices are based on the bike/component being in a workable, clean condition. If not an extra charge will be applied £5 for a component, £10 for a bike – Cleaning bits take up precious time! (P.S. I don’t mind cleaning bikes so don’t be worried it your bike is coated when you bring it in)

All prices exclude parts, unless otherwise says.

Anything else please just let us know!

Thanks 🙂

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