Workshop Info/Prices

How much is a service?” is a common question but as bikes come in all shapes and sizes it’s hard to answer without knowing more about the bike.

Rates are £30 p/hr plus parts and can do most services/jobs within a few hours, but really does depend.

But I work to time so quicker the job the less it’ll cost and in my experience when customers are asking for a service only a few aspects of the bike need attention so it’s less costly to them.

I usually see the bike, calculate a quote, give the quote to customer and if they’re happy I carry out the work.

I’m flexible too, happy to only do what the customer requests and/or prioritise what needs attention first.

And if you need any final appeasement regarding costs, I’m quite often told I’m too cheap – take from that what you will!

But I appreciate some people will be wanting hard numbers, as such here’s some ball-parks,

Quick jobs; fixing punctures, fitting a chain, adjusting gears or brakes, replacing inner cable – £5

Part/area service; replacing full gear cable system, replacing full brake cable system, swapping out a transmission, wheel truing, service a hub – £10-25

Minor service; Eg new bikes first service with general check over/adjustments, bike that’s come out of hibernation – £25ish

Normal service; various areas of bike that need attention/parts replaced but not totally destroyed – £45ish

Bigger service; a bike that’s been well used! Gear/brake/bearings/etc pretty much all need attention – from £60

All plus parts!

Other notes;

I do simple services to forks (lowers with new wiper seals, forks with simple dampers) but if its a fairly new, higher end fork it’s better to send it off to a specialist.

I do not work on Ebike motors/electrics – I can do all the bikey bits though. Also, I will not work on an Ebike if it’s been de-restricted.

Please get in touch if you’d like to ask about anything.

Many thanks.

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